Vertical Filter

A new way of filtering property data has arrived at Classic Vacations.

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After ardious research and significant disucssions, we are excited to introduce the new filter:

  • Flexibility: The filter is designed to adapt to more than one brand.
    • Classic Vacations
    • Home Away
  • Vertical Layout
    • The filter will be visible at all times encouraging users to interact with the UI.
  • Category Specific Filters
    • These categories can show any type of filter that provides value to the property.
    • The categories can open and close.
    • At the direction of Bus Dev, the categories can be closed when the user arrives to the page.
    • The '+More' link will display the rest of the items in the sectin.


One size fits all!

Classic Vacations

The Classic Vacations filter is distinguished by the Search for Hotel Search category.

Classic Vacations Filter

Home Away

The Home Away filter is distinguished by the Slider Range Price category.

Home Away Filter

CSS Styles

One style sheet applies to both filters specified above.

Vertical Filter CSS Style Sheet


The annotations provide instructions on items not included in the prototypes.

Category Specific Filters
The following are instructions on how the category specific filters should function for the vertical filter:
Category Specific Filters