The footer has been adjusted to display the lengthy links. The Find a Travel Advisorlink is now a button.

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Classic Footer

The new Classic Vacations footer has recieved a modest design upgrade to allow for more flexibility and clarity. Note: Media quieries must be included for responsiveness.

  • Layout redesigned for a clutter free look.
  • Hyperlinks with lengthy characters are retained with the new design.
  • A 3 column structure organizes the data efficiently.
  • Social icons moved to the left under logo and contact info.
  • Find a Travel Advisor link is a button.
  • The new footer is completely responsive.

Classic Vacations Footer

CSS Style Sheet

Private Label

The style sheet is organized with recent date update and a table of contents at the top of the page. The order of style sheet closing parallels the order of the page or UI that is associated with the Custom Group Website.

  • A 2 column layout for a concise appearance.
  • Contact info on the left.
  • Profile photo on the right.
  • Travel Advisor Sign In link is a button.

Private Label Footer: August 2, 2019

CSS Style Sheet: August 2, 2019