The footer has been adjusted to display the lengthy links. The Find a Travel Advisorlink is now a button.

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Classic Footer

The new Classic Vacations footer has recieved a modest design upgrade to allow for more flexibility and clarity. Note: Media quieries must be included for responsiveness.

  • Layout redesigned for a clutter free look.
  • Hyperlinks with lengthy characters are retained with the new design.
  • A 3 column structure organizes the data efficiently.
  • Social icons moved to the left under logo and contact info.
  • Find a Travel Advisor link is a button.
  • The new footer is completely responsive.

Classic Vacations Footer

CSS Style Sheet

Private Label

The style sheet is organized with recent date update and a table of contents at the top of the page. The order of style sheet closing parallels the order of the page or UI that is associated with.

  • A 2 column layout for a concise appearance.
  • Contact info on the left.
  • Profile photo on the right.
  • Travel Advisor Sign In link is a button.

Private Label Footer

CSS Style Sheet