Classic Vacations Booking Wizard

A new and improved wizard that leads the users through a series of well-defined steps.

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Floating Labels

With the mandate of UX clarity and the reducing UI clutter, we are switching from Top Align Labels to Floating Labels. This change will reduce the number of elements on the UI: therefore, the user will be able to process the data on the page easier and faster.


IMPORTANT The datepicker on the prototypes is NOT how it should function. GO to Annotations at the bottom of this page for clear instructions.


August 2019

The Classic Vacations inherits the basic structure of the Vrbo booking wizard. However, the CV bookign wizard has additional functionality. We have included all of the items that encompasses the CV booking process.

2019 Classic Vacations Booking Wizard

Booking Wizard


HTML, CSS and Javascript files:

Github: Booking Wizard