JavaScript code for product design enhancements and positive user-experience value.

We need the following JavaScript files to be placed into the js folder in Classic Vacations.


JS for Product Design

This JS file will be a general file to place multiple scripts. Today, we have two scripts in the file that enhance the product pages. In addition, we need to place a CSS script into the style.css file on Classic.

Download JS File

CSS Class

In order for the fade-in JS script to work. We need the following CSS class to be placed into the style.css. Please add the comment too.

                *  Product Design

                .fadeInText { 
                    opacity: 0; 
                    transition: all 300ms ease-in-out; 

Slider Backstretch

This JS file is solely for the slider on the product design page. This is an important file as there will be over 40 product pages on Classic that will use this script.

Download JS File