UI & UX Consistency

Our users should intuitively and successfully interact with our product without confusion.

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We can increase user loyalty by creating and maintaining a consistent UI and UX across every part of our product. Keeping our UI consistent between different sections of our product creates something even much more valuable: our brand.

Branding your UX and UI is the key to making users “feel at home” while interacting with new product, increasing their loyalty and satisfaction.

Visual and functional consistency
  • Functional consistency makes our product more predictable. Users know how an element behaves, and therefore will also feel more safe and secure.
  • Visual consistency includes the colors, fonts, sizes, positions and other visual aspects of our UI which help your users cognitively identify and classify UI elements.


A component-based library can grant our product both visual and functional consistency. In addition, the library can be an effective tool to enforce consistency across our UI.