Pre & Post Legacy

This is the first part of the redesigning the Pre & Post page. Part 1 consist of fixing the sidebar wizard.

1.1: Visual UI design
  • revise current wizard to match the prototype: this includes font size, magin and padding, ect. See the CSS style sheet
  • remove the ‘Package Choice’ pulldown
1.2: Remove UI
  • remove Sign In form (this displays when user is not signed-in).
1.3: Bug
  1. click on the ‘Post-cruise’ button
  2. then, click on the ‘Pre-cruise’ button
  3. the following appears in the Check In field: Nan-NaN-Nan

Default: The Pre-Cruise & Yes buttons are selected

Signed In with Default

Start Date input field hidden when NO selected

Signed In with Default

CSS Style Sheet

CSS styles: Booking Wizard