Consortia Amenities

An online application that conveys data from consortias for clarity and efficiency.

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Basically behaves as a conduit transporting or carrying data to from one place to another. The data is retrieved from the Consortia's, managed in-house, and distributed to the reservation agents. The majority of the work is in verifying the data by a set of rules and guidelines.

  1. A user interface for product team
  2. The ability to upload a great number of data
  3. Data management for optimal performance


March 18th, 2020

Adobe Xd Design Specs

The entire UI of the web app was designed to ensure consistency with the design patterns. The UX was built after careful analysis of the research.


Dashboard UI

Data Management

Manage UI

Manage UI: Data Table

Manage UI with Filter

Popover ‐ Add Record

Table Row ‐ Drop Down Action

Add or Edit UI

Add UI: Add New Record (hotel)

Edit UI: Update Record (hotel)

Edit UI with 'Viewed By' History


Upload UI

Res Agent View

Default UI