Request a Quote

An online form for complex travel itineraries.

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Online Form

This is the beginning of creating and developing a form that will entail the following:

  • Multi-destinations
  • Compare Hotel in a Single Destination
  • Transportation from Destination to Another

Today, we will focus on the multi-destination part of the form.


Online Form

Flight + Hotel

Important revisions to the Request a Quote Form for the Flight + Hotel selection.

  • Flight + Hotel: We moved the flight section.
  • Added a new row within beginning with Destination 2 - Transportation options

Prototype: Hotel + Flight
Online Form


Couple of adjustment to form.

  • Default: Only display Destination 1
  • Title headers - change color.
  • Destination: Going TO field at 100% width

Annotations for Multi-destination

Date Sequence

Annotations for Multi-destination