Classic Vacations & Vrbo

High Places

Let's go to the mountains, rural hideaways and lakeside retreats. Let's find open spaces, hidden cabins and wild seclusion.

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Wealth of Options

From condos to villas and even castles, Classic now offers the best of Vrbo's collection.

Expanding Horizons

Classic will continue to offer and protect commissions on your vacation rental bookings.

Ultimate Value

Your clients will get more space, more privacy, more amenities – more value.

Classic & Vrbo Understanding

Important Information about booking the Vrbo vacation rental inventory.

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Domestic Travel

Properties throughout North America including the United States, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Something New

It's possible that you've never booked clients to Nantucket, Newport or Nashville. Maybe you're getting new requests for Yosemite, Yellowstone or Big Sky. I hope you'll give our Vrbo collab a try.

Happiness comes in peaks and valleys.

Classic & Vrbo Understanding

Attention Travel Advisors

Important Information about booking the Vrbo vacation rental inventory.

Vacation Rental bookings must be paid in full online. Cancellation policies will apply and will be specific to the property and dates.

Your clients may be required to purchase a property damage protection waiver or provide a refundable damage deposit. This will be noted in the booking path.

Classic Vacations is not Merchant of Record. Your clients credit card will show charges from Vrbo and/or the Property Management group, not Classic Vacations.

Travel Advisors will earn 5% commission on travelled sales.

No Royalty Rewards points or overrides/marketing funds are applied to Vrbo reservations.

Classic Vacations will not be able to change or cancel your reservation in our system. You will manage all booking correspondence, changes and cancellations on the "my trips" portal on Vrbo. Instructions will be provided after the booking is completed.

You, the travel advisor, will receive an email from the property manager with check‐in and check‐out instructions to provide your client.

Classic Vacations' "no walk" policy does not apply.

Classic's Travel Smart Plan (TSP) does not cover Vrbo vacation rental bookings.

Read Vrbo's "Book with Confidence" guarantee.

NOTE: Your commission is defined when you make the original transaction. Changes will not result in an up‐adjust or down adjust of your commission. In other words, if the number of nights is reduced, we will not recall commission; if the number of nights is increased, we will not pay the additional commission. If the booking cancels before travel, no commission will be paid.