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Effective product pages immediately convey the value of the featured product.

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A product page promoting our luxury properties with a new design emphasizing luxury. The design also introduces a section that will contain an Instagram feed.

Luxe Product Page

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The new Groups product page design.

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Price Pledge

Upload File

The UPLOAD button needs to be able to accept user submitted files in .PDF, .PNG, and .JPEG extensions to the AWS S3 bucket which will get sent to the person(S) responsible of viewing it and responding.

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Price Pledge prototype

Modal Window

What happens after the user uploads a file (clicking on the submit button)? The response should be a modal window. See the following prototype that shows the modal window with the appropriate content.

Price Pledge with Modal Window


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E3 Sponsors

Sponsor Page - 2019

Sponsor Page

Platinum Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor Page

CSS Styles for Both Layouts

Live Chat

Live Chat Landing Page

Festive Availability

Festive Availability Landing Page