Company & Information

As a business, it's important that every facet of our website reflects the product that we sell. This is true of the Company and Information section of Classic. Prospetive Travel Advisors will appreciate the new design layout for these sections.

In this page


The new design contains:

  • Sidebar with menu links
  • Typography hierarchy
  • Proper spacing for clear readability
  • Conventional design patterns

Company Section


The new design contains:

  • Travel Pages are redesigned with new layout patterns
  • Registration section is now a page with PDF Links
  • Customer Support will be in this section

Scroll down to the footer to access the pages in the information section.

Infomartion Pages

December 2019

Because the new design layout necessitates a new footer design. I have minimized the project to just the following pages in order for us to upload some of the new design in December of 2019.

We will only do the following:

  • About Us
  • Leadership Team
  • Technology
  • Press Releases
  • Contact Us
  • Customer Support

December 2019