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Our mission is to retain users through the power of personalization.

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June 13th, 2021

Dashboard Revisions

Reorganized the items in the cards.

Incomplete Private Label Complete Private Label
March 16th, 2021

Profile Photo

The designs for the Profile Phote card are completed. The functionality of each action should remain as works in its current state.

Upload Profile Photo Crop Photo Image Uploaded
Feb 23rd, 2021

Company Logo Card

When no image has been uploaded:

No Logo Uploaded

When image has been uploaded:

Logo Uploaded

The CSS styles begin at 1801:

Feb 23rd, 2021

Required Fields

The required fields have been adressed in the following cards.

Agency Name First & Last Name Contact Info
Feb 23rd, 2021

Vanity URL

The Vanity URL is a required. The card has been revised.

Vanity URL

Consequently, the Privatel Label Dashboard must instruct the user to add their Vanity URL.

Private Label Dashboard



Classic Vacation has shifted towards providing users a personalized experience for every interaction they have with the website. Personalized experience is becoming the norm, not an option.


Dec 15th, 2020

Private Label

The following prototypes illustrate the user behavior of each widget.

To Do List

When the user first arrives to this page, the user will be encourged to complete the To Do List items in the Business card. We have highlighted the items in red that need to be completed. It is important that we include the ALERT component.

To go with the progression, start with the Profile Photo card:

  1. Profile Photo Card
  2. Content Info Card
  3. Company Logo Card
Private Table Criteria

Completed Private Label

Explore the following card on the prototype:

  • Business Card
  • Site Settings Card
  • Group Settings Card
Check out the other cards


Demo of Completing a Private Label

See Video

Demo of the Other Cards

See Video


Dec 9th, 2020

Dev Files

The compressed folder contains html, CSS, images and javascript files.

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