My Groups

Incorporate new UI components to amplify the inherit ability of Classic Assist.

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Amplify Groups in Classic Assist

The inception of developing new UI components, for My Groups, has spawned an overall approach for a cohesive UX design flow.

  • New dashboard design for My Groups.
  • New table layouts for all related Groups Bookings data.
  • New flow for settting up a Custom Group Website.

My Groups

A New Approach for My Groups

The My Groups dashboard displays a sidebar with pertinent Agency information. In addition, the user will have access to the bookings and agent data related to the agency.

My Groups Prototype:

See My Groups

Custom Group Website

A New Flow for CGW

The Groups Booking table will have 3 flows for the Custom Group Website experience.

  • Flow for completing profile info and group settings.
  • Flow for updating custom group website.
  • Flow for getting started with the CGW experience.

Custom Group Website Flow:

Go Through the Flow

Custom Group Website Dashboard:

Custom Group Website

Getting Started Flow:

Getting Started