Custom Group Website

A user experience for creating and managing destination themed websites.

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The Custom Group Website (CGW) dashboard will provide the user a global overview, with access to the most important data, functions and controls.

  • Cards (widgets) will alert the user to create a website.
  • Each card will be a path to forms for completing a task.
  • The goal is guide the user effortlessly to complete a CGW.

January 14, 2021

Jan 14th, 2021

Booking Card Revised

The booking card has been revised. The big adjustment is removing the booking flow toggle from the card and moving to its own card. See the images below:

Min Deposit Card Disabled

If the Min Deposit field is empty then the NEXT button should be disabled.

Next Button Disabled


The prototype shows the UX flow for the following items:

  • Minimum Deposit
  • Payment Due Date
Booking Card Revised


I'll show you what the purpose of each card by demonstrating the actions.
See Video


Oct 21st, 2020

Custom Group Website Flow

The following prototypes illustrate the flow of completing a task of each card. We will focus on the actions of each card to demonstrate the user flow.

Group To Do List Card

When the user first arrives to this page, the user will be alerted that they will need to complete a task, In this case, the items in the Group To Do List card need to be completed. We have highlighted the items to complete in red for emphasis. It is important to include the alert message.

Group To Do List

Advisor Card

This card is user focused because it is the only card devoted to the travel agent. The user can add or edit information related to their business. The card is linked to the following:

  • Content Table
  • Site Editor with Text Widget
  • Image Upload page
Advisor Card

Booking Flow Card

The booking engine must be disabled when the user initially arrives to the dashboard. The user must add a minimum deposit in order to activate the booking engine. When the booking engine is activated, it must be in the OFF position.

Booking Flow Card

Content Card

From this card, the user can add and edit content for CGW. The actions of this flow are the same as the interactions in the Mini‐site Site Editor.

Content Card

Completed Dashboard

A fully completed dashboard with a Preview Website link activited. This what we want our power users to possess.

Completed Dashboard


Confirmation should prompt a user when they decide to leave the page after interacting with the page.

Leave this page?


Nov 18th, 2020

Dashboard Flow

The following are design layout and UX flow adjustments to the following.

  • Group To Do List & UX Flow.
  • Booking Card & UX Flow.

In addition, it is imperative the dashboard UI displays the ALERT component. THe RULE is to display the ALERT until the user completed the Group To Do List items.

Download Files

Files dated: October 21, 2020

The compressed folder contains html, CSS, images and javascript files.

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