Classic Assist

The user account is the cornerstone of Classic Vacations' relationship with its customers.

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Dec 22nd, 2020

Classic Assist

The Classic Assist dashboard is an at‐a‐glance preview of the most vital info for our users, and an easy way to navigate directly to various areas of the opt‐in content. 

  • Help users to be quick, proactive and efficient by imparting critical information promptly.
  • Display a clear framework to get the message across, every little thing counts.
  • Present a defined layout and flow to organize information in a seamless way.
  • Show multiple cards, also referred as widgets, that hold the info, charts, and controls.

Classic Assist Dashboard


Classic Assist Demo

I walk you through the different parts of the dashboard and its subsequent pages.

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Dec 10th, 2020

Dev Files

The compressed folder contains html, CSS, images and javascript files.

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