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Garcia and Rodriguez Cabo Wedding

Terms & Conditions

We recommend the following for your Terms & Conditions, which will appear in the booking flow.

  • Make it easy to read.
  • Guide users through the booking flow with answers to common questions.
    • e.g., date of room block, singles unable to booked on website, transfers, flight guidance, etc.
  • Include your payment requirements, dates and cancellation policy.

<Bride first name> and <Groom first name> or <Group Leader> have secured a room block from <date> to <date>.  Please reach out to our dedicated travel advisor <Travel Advisor name> if you would like to reserve a room outside this room block.

  • Please book one room at a time.
  • Final payment will be due on <date>.
  • Cancelations after <date> will be nonrefundable.

Please Note – Terms & Conditions are based on a Special Event room block contract.

Single Travelers – Single occupancy rooms cannot be booked on this site.  Please reach out to our dedicated travel advisor <TA name> to book your single occupancy room.

Transfers – You will be able to add r/t airport transfers during this booking process.

Airfare – <this will be a variable for you.  Is air available yet?  How would you like the guests to booking their air?  Should they reach out to you (TA)>.

Maximum allowed number of words is 2500.