UX Strategy

The importance of user experience is more emphasized than ever. As a result, we have embarked on new way of displaying data to our power users.

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Identify our Users as Power Users

This is the beginning of improving the user experience. Our users expect to receive a flawless digital customer experience.

  • They're "regulars"–repeat users.
  • They're vocal and share insights and feedback regularly.
  • They're influential.

Time is Money

We need to display data on the page that is important and useful to our users. AAll this is made possible through dashboard UI design.


A Powerful Opportunity

We have an opportunity to influence user behavior and boost retention rates.

The dashboard will provide the user a global overview, with access to the most important data, functions and controls. In reality, a dashboard often becomes a sort of homepage, especially for power users.

  • Provides a high–level overview of the product.
  • The dashboard will save a users time.
  • Helps the user be more efficient.


Dashboards are made of cards. Depending on the type of dashboard, each card might contain profile info, notifications, quick links or a navigation element, key data, graphs and data tables. We will use the correct type of card for each component.

  • A single page will show 5 to 6 cards
  • Cards will be a pathway to data, functions and controls.
  • Ellipses navigation will display at the top right corner of each card.