Tone of Voice

Tone of voice reflects our brand personality, helps us connect with our audience, and makes us different from the rest.

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Let's Make Things Happen

The first impression we create is more important than ever; therefore, our brand's tone of voice needs to be distinctive and memorable. Tone of voice applies to creating any piece of content and communicating it with our audience online.

Why Does Classic Need a Tone of Voice?

  • It builds a connection with our audience that encourges dialogue.
  • It builds a trust with our audience.
  • It creates a memorable image of our brand.

Finding Our Tone of Voice

We have chosen Let's Make Things Happen as the right language to reach our audience. We believe that this best translates our brand value's and personality.

Message Architecture

To keep our communication aligned, a message architecture guides precisely what we say.

The architecture will summarize the prioritized communication goals in a shortlist of terms, phrases, or statements. Its primary goal is to allow all content creators at Classic Vacations to deliver consistent messages across all types of content.

What We Want to Communicate

This is an outline of communication goals that reflects Classic Vacations common vocabulary. This is not a glossary of words to use in our content, but prioritized reference points for teams to decide what to communicate in order to convey our organization's messaging priorities.

Tone of Voice Chart

Defining Our Brand Voice

The chart will ensure that everyone in our organization is using our brand voice consistently. It's a quick reference for anyone responsible for creating content on your team.

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